Average windows comprise 15% of a homes surface area the costs are steep for replacing windows and the return on investment is often very low. That being said, windows are an important piece of your homes aesthetics and can often times have very visible air leaks. You do have options!

Save Money

Converting from single pane windows can save you $500 per year.

Weather Stripping

Covered at No-Cost under the Mass Save program, weather stripping is the process of air sealing around windows.

Window Restoration

Companies, such as Window Woman of New England featured on the “This Old House,” can restore your old windows so they are both energy efficient and maintain the appearance of your home.

Treating Windows

Curtains and other window barriers can muffle window drafts, keep out the sun during the summer, and add to your homes décor!

Storm Windows

Placing Energy Star approved storm windows over existing windows can save equivalent amounts of money and energy during the winter as replacing your existing windows for a fraction of the cost.

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