Massachusetts and utilities are teaming up to pioneer the most aggressive incentives for insulation and weatherization measures in the whole county via the Mass Save program!

Mass Save Rebates: No-Cost Targeted Air Sealing

Many times homes are left with small cracks and crevices that may seem small, but add them up and the air loss can be the equivalent of having an open window! We’ll come in and seal them so there’s proper airflow in your home.

At no cost to you, air sealing can save anywhere between 5-20% on your energy bill.       

Mass Save Rebates: 75% off up to $2,000 on Insulation

Properly installed insulation is one of the most common forms of unnecessary heat loss in a home. To properly gauge if your home has adequate insulation you can measure it based on Resistance Value, (R-Value). Energy Star recommends a R25-R30 in the walls and between R38-R49 in the attic. That’s the equivalent to between 10-15 inches of cellulose to keep your home warm and cozy. Think of it like wrapping your home in a blanket.

Energy savings can be expected between 10-30% off your heating bill.        

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